2021 - A Retrospective & Future Plans

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2021 - A Retrospective & Future Plans



2021 - A Retrospective & Future Plans

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G'day ya'll.

Time to apologise for my lack of posting for the nth time. As always, this is generally work/FFXIV related since you may know that Endwalker released last month. Oh, and I also moved, which was somewhat time consuming.

I know you're probably sick of hearing about people's new years resolutions, but I figured it would be prudent to explain my plans with this site and my posts going forward, and then share my thoughts about the past year. If you're even reading this in the first place, then it means you probably care (I hope!).

Going into 2022 - Kicking things up a notch

Keeping it short, I'll be starting to create video content alongside my anime figure reviews. Not just any video content though…

there might be something wrong with me...

I picked up an FX3! With this, I hope to bring a new level of quality to the anime figure review world. Maybe HDR video?

The reviews themselves, will have a more pre-determined schedule; frequency probably being higher than what I've been doing this year lmao. In terms of content for the reviews, I'll just show you my stack of unopened figures:

probably should make these a bit neater...

Oh. and I'll also try to actually post more content that may not be anime figure related!

Now, as for the past year and a bit…

"Ok, throw me some numbers"

thicc anime figures save lives?

10K unique pageviews!? Honestly, more than I expected. Interestingly, there appears to be a large number of views on figures with certain attributes…

In terms of actually reviewing and photographing the figures, it's been pretty fun and has really elevated my appreciation for them. My favourite figure of the year would probably have been Hurdle Shoujo; which definitely shows!

Since I'm looking to keep this one short, I'll close with a picture of my new figure display setup now that I've moved. also not very neat because I wrote this entire post in 30 minutes and its off the cuff. Here's to 2022!

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