saitom - Usada Yuu & Mimi

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saitom - Usada Yuu & Mimi



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saitom - Usada Yuu & Mimi

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Let's kick off 2022 with a bang shall we? Or in this case, two bangs. Today, we'll be reviewing two SkyTube figures, both based on original illustrations by a man who needs no introductions: saitom.
While I'd love to wax poetic about the brilliance of saitom's work, that will have to wait for another time as this post includes two figures, so there's no time to waste.

Today's figures are bnnuy grils from Zimakupiza; saitom's personal magazine: Usada Mimi and Usada Yuu. I will warn you, this post contains horrible "Yuu" puns. I apologise in advance.

Usada Mimi (left) and Usada Yuu (right)

I know I promised I wouldn't spend too much time gushing about saitom's work, but I really can't help myself here. Apart from being really interesting and detailed designs, you'll also notice saitom is very good at blending in "anime" proportions with more realistic body types, such as the slight bit of chub in Yuu's abdominable area. The costumes themselves are outstanding and feature a "varsity" design, nevermind the fact that they would never fit (this is still Japan after all). There's just too much to disect here, so let's get down to business, and see how SkyTube did with these two ladies.

Today's review also features a short spotlight in 4K and HDR! Unfortunately however, you'll need to be signed in since YouTube decided to force an 18+ rating on it >.<

Click here to watch said spotlight

Hope you enjoyed that short video! Review start!

and they said gamer girls weren't real!
for this review, I used only 24mm lenses, to try to challenge myself since I always default to using my 90mm macro. Some areas are out of focus intentionally as I wanted to retain the bokeh, but couldn't be bothered to focus stack. thanks for understand

Immediately apparent is the like-for-like recreation of the original illustrations into the sculpt; ranging all the way from saitom's shapely bodylines, to the controller/portable console, and even the wrinkles in both girls' jackets. This is all brought together with both Mimi and Yuu's "bery bery kawaii" expressions, as is expected from SkyTube. The final result is nothing short of spectacular! Let's break it down, starting with Usada Yuu (since she came out first!)

Funny thing about going from a 90mm to a 24mm focal length is how much more distortion there is in the shot. This allows for you to… accentuate certain parts.

Starting from the top. Yes, Usada Yuu is indeed a bunny girl, evidenced by the usamimi portruding from her head. Yuu's hair much like saitom's OC flows freely and is painted in a lilac, almost off-white colour. Talking about purple, so are her eyes, which while aren't anything special, do follow the OC and sit on the better side of things overall. Their expressiveness combined with Yuu's slight simper portray a friendly atmosphere.

Around her neck is the typtical bunny girl accoutrement of a bow-tie, although the rest of her outfit is anything but. The creases in her varsity jacket are executed pretty much flawlessly, as Yuu leans on her sword to slightly push out her chest. And what a chest it is, SkyTube amping up the gloss on Yuu's plaid black bikini. The way this catches light is pretty nice, which I've done my best to accentuate with red and blue. We can discuss the sculpt of these ahem "booba" later.

Moving down a bit, we also get a glimpse of the same bodylines characteristic of saitom's illustrations. The slight bit of chubbyness sculpted onto Yuu's stomach really accentuates the overall "soft" aesthetic of Yuu's figure, which SkyTube have excellently translated into their sculpt.

Here's a closeup of her clothed chest, because I know at least one of you reading this is about to ask.

you're welcome

Now, for what makes Yuu a bnnuy gamer gril:

Check out that Minecraft-esque iron sword! Now, it may be lost on me if anything blocky = Minecraft but I digress, it's an 8bit sword. One thing to note here is the consistency of glossy paint between Yuu's gloves, pumps, and bikini.

In her left hand, Yuu clutches what is most definitely a DualShock 4, except with the O, X, square, and triangle all in the wrong position, for obvious reasons. The matte paint appears quite rough in this shot, but it's not visible in person.

Moving further downwards, we can also see Yuu has a rabbit tail. This is actually a magnetic accessory, which can be removed (but why would you!?).



Phew, that's quite the ass.

To close this section out, here's a full-body shot of Yuu from the back:

Now, who's next?

"Mi, mi!"

Here stands Mimi, with white as her primary colour opposed to Yuu's black. In contrast to Yuu's freeflowing hair, Mimi has her blonde hair tied up, as well as a slightly surprised look opposed to Yuu's simper. Also different is a highly topical addition; a facemask with the word "PLAY!" on it. This is honestly a pretty expressive face area, and I give SkyTube props for executing it well. Not pictured here are also her bnnuy ears, which actually have a red and gold-studded ribbon on the left ear, while Yuu's is plain. Pretty cool!

Moving downwards, we can see a lot more differences, such as Mimi's matte and also gold-studded bikini, which says, "Bunny playing is happy 00110111". Interesting. Emblasioned on her sleeve is also the letters "BG", which of course stands for "Best Girl" (or maybe Bad Girl? definitely wouldn't stand for Bunny Girl I'm sure).

Another difference from Yuu is that Mimi's hand is in her pocket, and what is most likely a Nintendo Switch Lite, except squared off for obvious reasons. The tag on her zip is also quite nice, although it seems to be very fragile and I had to make sure I was careful while handling her. Talking about fragile parts, the bikini piece while removable is honestly so fragile that I wouldn't recommend it. In comparison to Yuu, it literally feels like it'll snap off if I touch the strap, which unfortunately is a common trend for this figure. The pantsu part actually broke when I was removing it, so there's that.

Because Mimi's hair isn't covering the back of her jacket, we also can see a bunny decal here, which is surprisingly detailed and has features a glossy sheen. I also like the inclusion of the red tag here and once again the word "PLAY!". As this wasn't present on the original illustration, the sculptor would have added this one on their own, which is a great attention to detail.

Here's a close-up of one of her heels. They have a pretty unique design compared to Yuu's plain glossy black pumps, also featuring the same red accents, gold studs, and writing present throughout the rest of the figure.

As we did with Yuu, let's close this one out with a posterior shot for posterity.

My overall thoughts so far are that both Yuu and Mimi are unique enough from each other to justify their existence. I love Yuu's more traditional bnnuy gril design compared to Mimi's more, extra and fancy outfit. There's a good contrast on both sculpt and design, rather than just "black colour and white colour", which I really do appreciate.

I do thank you for reading up to this point. Your patience will now be rewarded with the best time, cast-off time. Let's do it!

First off, Yuu. With her bikini removed, Yuu can really appreciate her heft of her breasts. While I like the plaid and glossy design of said bikini, I cannot deny that cast-off Yuu really does look quite stunning. Shall we take a closer look?

Unfortunately, it does appear that they have been welded. However, this is only really visible from this macro wide-angle, so I don't really care too much. Keeping in mind that these are the same sculpted breasts with only the bikini removed, I guess the only difference to mention here are Yuu's chikubi, for which I cannot really fault.

Turning her around, we can then see Yuu's butt and genitals. For some reason, this angle makes her ass look a bit smaller, so lets change that now.

Holy shit, this might be one of the best asses I've seen on an anime figure. I don't know if it's the pose of her legs, but the overall thiccness here is top shelf. As is usually the case with SkyTube, her naughty bits have also been sculpted with great detail. Bravo SkyTube, bravo. Now, let's see how they did with Mimi.

Much like Yuu (no, not you), Mimi also has pretty great mommy milkers.

Honestly, they may have just reused the sculpt on this part with Yuu, because they look very similar. This isn't bad thing, because as we had just mentioned, Yuu already had pretty nicely sculpted booba.

As we rotate to Mimi's backside, things continue the trend. One thing I immediately noticed here is the increased amount of skindentation on Mimi's thighs compared to Yuu. Let's examine further.

Holy shit x2. Much like Yuu, Mimi does indeed have a great butt. To go on a slight tangent, this new wide-angled macro lens I've picked up definitely makes butts look.. wider. I will now going forward dub this "The Butt Lens". Not much else to say here other than sasuga SkyTube.

And this brings us to the end of this review. I had originally planned on just reviewing Yuu on her own, but my delay turned out to be a benefit, as Mimi had been announced and released before I got the chance. saitom is one of my favourite illustrators, and this post will be the first of many involving his work. As for the figures themselves, honestly. 9.5/10 (.5 docked for fragile parts on Mimi). The sculpt, the paintwork, the accuracy, and the aesthetic are top tier, and I applaud SkyTube for executing on saitom's vision so well.

On a side note, I have to say, it's good to be back to shooting anime figures again. Making that short video was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to make more for future reviews!

Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate your time. I hope you enjoyed this review and see you again!

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