Yuran - A Shameful Maid

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Yuran - A Shameful Maid





Yuran - A Shameful Maid

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Bunny girls, elves, swimsuits and athleisure are only few of the many outfit tropes that exist in the world of anime character design (which we have explored on this site). This week, it's time to add...


to that list.

Yuran is a doujinshi artist (you're probably starting to notice a trend here) that I've been following for a while now. I'd say the defining feature of his art is how shiny it looks, as well as being in full colour!

Moon Phase Material 2 - Yuran

Today, we're looking a figure based on a maid in Yuran's "non-h" doujinshi titled, One Day with my Shameless Maid. I put air quotes around "non-h" for reasons I will now explain.

In short, this 22-page masterpiece is an exercise for how close Yuran can get to drawing an 18+ comic without any actual nudity. Naturally, hilarity and insanity as characteristic of Japanese stereotype ensues.

Cue Alphamax's 1/6th scale of Yuran's Shameful Maid (we shall refer to her as "Maid" for brevity).

Standing at a height of 25.5cm, Maid is part of a limted and exclusive line of figures by Alphamax called "SkyTube Premium".

If this is the first time you've heard of SkyTube Premium, I don't blame you—especially since Alphamax appears to have quickly canned the figure line after releasing "Chun-Mei" in early 2019.

As it turns out, Alphamax had originally planned to release a lot more of their figures under Skytube Premium, such as the previously reviewed "Hurdle-Shoujo" for higher prices and exclusivity, similar to how Native handles their distribution.

I can only assume that Alphamax saw a significantly reduced number of sales this way, leading to the quick demise of SkyTube Premium.

I guess Alphamax realised they can just continue to make higher quality adult figures under the normal SkyTube line and charge their higher prices, minus the limited exclusivity.

But enough rambling, we have a figure to review!

Here we see Maid raising her left foot onto a knee-height stool, whilst also beginning to slip off her pantsu. This is actually a pretty unique pose! It does an excellent job highlighting the length of Maid's legs, shortness of her skirt, and the provocative position of her hands.

I also love the way Maid's hair and the ribbon in her outfit have been sculpted, as if she had suddenly climbed onto the stool! (which is clearly something she would do if you read the source material)

We should also note Yuran's intentional use of red in his illustration, as it strongly contrasts with Maid's fair complexion and white coloured garments. SkyTube of course does an excellent job carrying this colour contrast into the third dimension. It should also be noted that colour psychology dictates red as being the colour of passion, romance and lust—probably applicable here…

Moving a little bit closer, a few details stand out—namely Maid's expressive eyes, tear-drop earrings, and "stereotypical french-maid" ruffled headpiece.

Of course, we can't ignore Maid's ample bosom, which is seemingly too large to be contained by her red shirt. Clearly the solution is to buy a bigger shirt… OR just undo the top-half buttons, as Maid has done here.

Consequently, we're greeted with frontal view into Maid's cleavage, as well as the shape of her chikubi since Yuran has drawn Maid to be braless.

Moving downwards, we get a better angle of Maid's cleavage, which we can now clearly see has no weld. Nice!

Alongside this are many detailed creases in Maid's maid outfit, which cling tightly to her hourglass waist and further accentuate Maid's shapely figure.

In fact, her maid outfit clings so tightly that we're able to clearly see Maid's navel. Furthermore, Alphamax have painted this section of her outfit to show undertones of Maid's complexion, thus implying that the outfit's lower half is thin enough to be slightly translucent.

While this isn't present in Yuran's original doujinshi, it's most certainly a welcome addition of detail. Well done SkyTube!

As we turn towards the back of the figure, we can see additional detail in Maid's upper back, which is exposed by her many-sizes-too-small shirt.

This is all tied together with a overly-sized ribbon, which has been sculpted to show flow naturally. And yes, we also get a shot of Maid's butt here—her naughty bits being covered of course by her purple and white pantsu.

If I had to make a criticism here, it'd be that the pantsu themselves aren't anything special. Yes, they're slightly translucent and are colour coordinated with the rest of Maid's outfit, but I feel like they look a bit rough and lack detail.

Moving back to the front section, we get a closer look at Maid's shoes and upper-legs. The paintwork on her shoes is fantastic, and I really love the combination of a glossy finish alongside a darker shade of red.

I wish Skytube had also applied a glosser finish to Maid's leggings than what they did here, but I guess they chose to remain consistent with the rest of the outfit. Nevertheless, we do get a decent amount of skindentation from Maid's thighs, which is always going to get my nod of approval. The way SkyTube sculped Maid's index finger slipping in between her thigh and pantsu is also pretty nice.

Maid's base features cherry red hardwood flooring, which works perfectly with the rest of the figure.

Unfortunately, there is also a bit of an issue with her foot unable to go completely into the base, but this is only noticable from a macro-distance—not in real world viewing.

So you know how I mentioned Yuran's original doujin was somewhat of a humorous attempt on how close he could skirt to making things 18+ without showing any nudity? This isn't the case for this scale, as the world of cast-off figures isn't confined by morally ambiguous irony.

As a cast off, Maid has three interchangeable configurations. Let's explore each of them.

Configurations you say? I can see two of them right in front of me. And for once, I'm not being facetious—there really are two interchangeable configurations here.

First and foremost, SkyTube includes an alternate faceplate, giving Maid a slightly embarrassed expression where she is pouting(opposed to her doe-eyed, ajar smile innocence in her previous faceplate).

And yes, the second is her chest, which is a separate plastic piece entirely. The lack of a weld alongside decently sculpted and painted chikubi makes these pretty nice.

If I had to make a criticism, they do seem to be quite gravity defying, but I'd chalk that up to preference rather than an objective flaw.

Think I may have missed focus a bit here, my bad!

Decent butt, but nothing spectacular.

And from the front, of course.

Final verdict? I think the figure is decent.

In terms of accuracy to the source material, SkyTube did a decent job recreating Yuran's OC as an adult figure—maintaing accuracy whilst also making a few tasteful additions of their own.

The highlight of this figure for me is most certainly the vibrant red and Maid's pose. But other than that, I don't really feel that it has the "wow" factor or pizzazz we regularly see in anime figure character designs. Credit where credit is due.

Nevertheless, Yuran makes some good stuff and I definitely wasn't going to skip out on the only anime figure based on his work.

Thanks for reading!

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