Kurehito - Utsugi Sari

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Kurehito - Utsugi Sari





Kurehito - Utsugi Sari

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Another week, another Kurehito JK...

This week, we return to my bread and butter—SkyTube figures based on illustrations by Misaki Kurehito. Introducing Utsugi Sari! Released in late 2019, this one has been sitting in my unopened pile for a while—let's change that.

Roll the... animation?

Cool right! I recently started experimenting with adding animations to my stills, let me know what you think! Anyways, let's move onto the review.

Provocatively lifting up her skirt, Sari sits at a scale of 1/6, with her school atypical Japanese high school bag on her side. The school bag is actually quite detailed and is a nice addition to the storytelling aspect of this figure. When and where could Sari be undressing!?

Immediately noticeable is the use of pink and light blue pairings throughout Sari's outfit—from her pink hair and blue eyes to blue lingerie with pink ribbons.

The pose is undoubtedly tantalising and is reinforced with Sari's confident but also slightly shy expression—making it abundantly clear that this isn't her first time undressing and teasing her viewer.

Moving closer, we can clearly see Kurehito's textbook features in Sari's face—namely her highly expressive eyes, prominent blushing, and slight smile.

Sari's pink hair definitely stands out with how loud of a pink it is—her right ponytail resting on her shoulder to block the arm joint. The sculpt of the hair itself is quite good and atypical of SkyTube, but the paint is admittedly quite flat and features little to no shading. This is also somewhat the case in Kurehito's original illustration though, so I can understand if SkyTube wanted to remain as close to the OC as possible.

Of course, Sari also has her necktie here, which adds a nice design element to the overarching story that Sari is in the middle of getting undressed.

Moving behind her, We can also see the back-strap of Sari's bra alongside the various creases in her school shirt, including a button hole on her collar.

Moving back to her front, we can also get a closer look at Sari's breasts whilst clothed. Her bra is actually quite detailed, and there doesn't seem to be any rough QC even at this close of a distance. Nice!

This is also maintained with, Sari's pantsu—featuring the same light blue shade and accompanying pink ribbon. Cute! Unlike Kurehito's illustration however, the top half of her panties aren't translucent. I should also mention that SkyTube did also include pubic hair decals for Sari, but I didn't choose to use them since I plan to display her with her pantsu on anyway.

Enough about that though, let's get down to business and launch the cast-off sequence!

As you can see, SkyTube have done a wonderful job sculpting and painting Sari's pink bits—and I'm not talking about her clothes. Even from this distance, we're able to notice excellent detail!

Perfect breasts?

Sari's boobs are probably close to what I'd describe as perfect for a cast off—good size, adequate heft, no weld, and glossy pink nipples. SkyTube's experience with executing cast-off really shows here, and Sari is no exception.

Turning to Sari's side, we get a closer look at a pink armband Skytube decided to include for her cast-off configuration. I won't pretend to know what it says, but its a nice touch as it hides the joint between her chest and arm pieces.

As for her pussy, Skytube also did quite a good job in ensuring anatomical accuracy—including her labia minora and majora, as well as her clitoris. These also feature the same glossy paint as her nipples, which help to convey a wet look.

You might also like to know that SkyTube didn't skip out on sculpting her asshole:

You'd need to flip her over to see it though, since it's positioned quite far back from her vagina. Nevertheless, it's also quite detailed which is great!

Here's a wide angle macro shot of her boobs for posterity.


And that brings us to the end of this review. Not too long this time, because Utsugi Sari is admittedly not a very complex figure. Nevertheless, SkyTube have once again done a great job in conveying the colour and vision of Kurehito's original illustration. There are a few details missing, but I'm willing to give these a pass as this figure's price was relatively low at release.

Overall, Sari may not have anything special here besides her pink hair and school bag, but there doesn't really have to be since the quality is so consistent.

Another welcome addition to the Misaki Kurehito collection!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one.

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