mashedpopoto's Preorder Outlook II

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mashedpopoto's Preorder Outlook II



mashedpopoto's Preorder Outlook II

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You know what? I'm not going to apologise for my lack of activity. Endwalker has been keeping me busy, so leave me alone! I know I promised I'd post more often, and I do intend to keep that promise... starting now!

But why am I making a post on my pre-order outlook when my last one was only, like, half a year ago?

Because I've pre ordered a LOT more figures, and started getting into resin statues. Uh oh.

Here's what I've pre ordered since we last met.

Oh, and please note that this post contains nudity and isn't safe for work—you have been warned. Also, this post contains a LOT of images, so please be weary if you have limited mobile data.

as I had mentioned in my previous pre-order outlook, some of these figures are already released. Due to COVID however, I've had to go through a number of shipping delays, upwards 2-3 months, Yikes.

February 2022

Jeanne-kun - Shounen Jeanne, Misa Ikezaki by Insight

Jeanne-kun is the main character of Shounen Jeanne, a doujinshi by Misa Ikezaki. He (yes, he), is one of few lewd male figures, so I had to add him to my collection. Although manufactured by Insight, the adult arm of B'full who are notorious for using PMMA instead of PVC in their figures (which causes them to be extremely fragile to the point of breaking in transportation), Jeanne-kun is thankfully using PVC.

I've actually pre-ordered another figure also based on the art of Ikezaki Mika, Misongo Ringo by BINDing, which will also be included in this post.

Eviltia - Kuuki Satou Original Character, by Pink Cat

Does this figure need more explanation? Kuuki Satou makes some great succubus related doujinshi, so I had no choice but to pick her up. Eviltia's smug expression and outfit are fantastic!

Coincidentally (probably not coincidentally to be honest), native released another succubus figure based on Satou's doujinshi...

March 2022

Succubus Mary Lip - Aisei Tenshi Love Mary, by Nocturne

Of course, I also had to pick up Mary to accompany Eviltia. This time, featuring Mary Lip, a character from one of Satou's succubus H doujinshi. And as you can see, she also has the same smug expression as Eviltia. Nice. A cool difference between the two is the glossy leggings Mary is wearing as opposed to Eviltia's thigh-high boots. Look forward to seeing these being compared in a future review!

Galsniper DX ver. - -Nidy-2D- Original Character, by SkyTube

Gyaru!? Mecha!? That's right, here we have Galsniper—an original character by the grossly underappreciated -Nidy-2D-. Known for including a mecha-inspired elements to his illustrations, this figure from Nidy checks way too many boxes for me to ignore. And of course ya boi had to pick up the DX version, which includes a nude body.

Ayaka - Seikatsu Shuukan, by F.W.A.T

Here sits Ayaka from Seikatsu Shuukan; a doujinshi and eventual hentai by none other than Michiking. In this case of this figure, Ayaka just looks way too happy to ignore here, so she's getting added to the cart. F.W.A.T, or "Figure Work and Theory" are a relatively new manufacturer, so I hope she turns out okay!

Freia - Redo of Healer, by Kadokawa

It's only in the writing of this post that I've realised almost every PO I've made for March has pink hair. What a strange coincidence! moving on...

Redo of Healer is probably one of the most divisive light novel-to-anime adaptations in recent times. Without going too much into the wild world of the source material, let's just take a moment to appreciate the figure of this anime figure and move on to April.

April 2022

Amamiya Yukiko - Kekemotsu Original Character, by SkyTube

Brought to you by the same duo that made Hurdle-shoujo... comes Amamiya Yukiko—an original character by Kekemotsu and SkyTube. There's just something about the big booba salarywoman that gets me, and it's safe to assume SkyTube will deliver on Kekemotsu's OC.

Ao-Oni GIrl - Kasu Komeshiro Original Character, by Rocket Boy

I'm not going to lie, I was initially intrigued by this figure because of its name—Ao-Oni Girl, which directly translates to "Blue Demon Girl". Quite a few years ago, there was an RPG Maker game with the same name, that went viral after PewDiePie played it.

That aside, this figure is actually super cute, and I love the pink carpet/sofa. And it's being made by Rocket Boy, so you know it'll be good.

Akehoshi Riina - Shuki Andou Original Character, by Pleiades & Rocket Boy

This is the first figure by a "new" manufacturer, Pleiades. I say new with quotation marks because Pleiades is actually an adult figure line by AmiAmi & Rocket Boy! As for this figure, it's quite detailed, especially in the nether region. And I'm not talking about the Minecraft Nether. Also, I don't actually have any idols in my collection so this original character will do.

Cyber Lover - Coaldog, by Damtoys

And we've finally reached our first statue. This one is a 1/4 scale and is a purely original creation. I'm personally a big fan of the "Cyberpunk" aesthetic, so this immediately grabbed my eye when I first saw it. I think I have a bit of pent up anger for how CDPR under delivered on CP2077, so I've pre-ordered this figure to help satiate my desire for something cyberpunk related that's actually good quality. shots fired!

School Uniform DVA (GK Statue) - Overwatch, by Coolbear Studios

This one was actually a bit of an impulse buy. While I think the use of Japanese is the base is a little odd, I guess you can surmise it as DVA going on exchange to Japan? Nevertheless, I used to main DVA back when Overwatch was fun (for like, 1 month), so I've always wanted a DVA piece in my collection. This one looks great and also includes a full cast off body, which is also big plus. Expect a review soon!

May we move on to May?

May 2022

Le Malin - Azur Lane, by Mimeyoi

I've been sleeping on Mimeyoi for far too long, and it's time to change that with Le Malin. I'm a big fan of the inclusion of the fleur-de-lis, which was the insignia used by the French Monarchy. You can see this on her cape in gold.

Oh, and she's cute.

Suomi KP/-31 - Girls' Frontline, by eStream

I finally caved and PO'd an eStream figure. Admittedly, this figure wasn't on my radar until I saw that they added a bit of glitter to the paint in her hair, as can be seen in Toykan's spotlight video.

Beautiful figure overall, added to the cart.

Tachibana in the School Infirmary - saitom Original Character by native

saitom never misses, especially when native is involved. The detail in this figure is pretty great, and Tachibana's innocent expression has a great contrast with her provocative pose. Instant PO, 'nuff said.

Koakuma Rias-chan - Sayu Ayuma Original Character, by Bishop's Rondo

I've recently been introduced to Ayuma's art, and I have to say that it's pretty good. Bishop's Rondo actually released this same figure in 2020, and thankfully are rereleasing her this year. As for this figure itself, I love the devil theme and outfit—especially the face.

I've actually pre-ordered another figure based on Ayuma's art, which we will see later in this post.

Ayase Chiaki - SiStart!, by FREEing

Piromizu's art is exactly up my alley, and so is this figure. Apart from the fact that this figure exudes big mommy energy, I actually quite like the extra parts here, like Ayase's sunnies, assorted jewellery and of course that beauty mark on her right breast.

Oh, and she's 1/4 so she's beeg.

M4 Sopmod II Cocktail Party Ver. - Girls' Frontline, by Hobby Max

I've started collecting Girls' Frontline figures, which is probably a big mistake for my wallet. Talking about wallets however, Girls' Frontline being developed by a China-based studio means we also get Chinese figure manufacturers—which are a lot cheaper!

In this case we have a figure of Soppo that looks absolutely gorgeous. There's just so much right about this figure from her GUN to the intricate design on her dress, didn't hesitate to PO this one.

Teresa Bride Edition - Kidou Sentai Iron Saga, by AniMester

Another Chinese figure, this time from Iron Saga. I won't pretend that I've played I-Saga, but this figure of Teresa fits very well with with personal tastes and will look good next to Suomi. Her base is actually really intricate too, especially for the price. Let's move on to June!

June 2022

KD/A Ahri - League of Legends, by Apex

It's been a while since I played LoL, but the appeal of Ahri has never waned. Because I was a little obsessed with this game during my high school years and mained mid lane, Ahri was part of my champion rotation, and will now be part of my anime figure rotation as well.

Setsuna - Redo of Healer, by Kadokawa

I already wrote about Redo of Healer earlier with Freia, so I'll keep it short. This is a figure of Setsuna that is intended to be displayed with Freia as a pair, which I must admit I am a bit of a sucker for. Also, she's a fox girl which apart from Ahri will be the second in my collection, depending on which arrives first.

Usano Mimomo - Sayu Ayuma Original Character, by Pleiades & Rocket Boy

Here's the second Ayuma figure I mentioned earlier. And what else can I say about this figure except that oozes bunny girl energy. I love the chains and choker here as well, it's just a really unique and cute design, hence the pre-order.

Also should note that this figure is also by Pleiades, which is a big plus.

Succubus Lucilia - Dance of the Succubus, by Luminous Box

Luminous Box is a new Chinese figure manufacturer, their figures being distributed by Good Smile Company. This figure is based on an illustration by Yatsumi Suzuame, called "Dance of the Succubus". As for why I pre-ordered this figure, she was pretty cheap and I also love her dress, and accompanying golden chain. The pose of her lifting her skirt is also pretty cute!

Otori Alice - Thomas Original Character by Cleyera Doll

Maid? check. Pink? check. Skindentation? Double check. I'm a sucker for glossy leggings and the aforementioned, and, this figure delivers them in droves. Thomas' illustrations also seem to be universally ara ara, hope he gets more figures based on his works.

July 2022

OTs-14 (Dinner Dictator) - Girls' Frontline, by Apex

Another figure by Apex, this time of OTs-14 from Girls' Frontline. Here we can see her in the "Dinner Dictator" variant. wearing a cocktail dress alongside other jewellery. I think this figure looks stunning, especially with the additional couch, fur, and champagne glass! Not pictured here, but the back part of that couch is actually a gun case with a... you guessed it, OTs-14 and its other attachments. Such great addition!

Zero Deluxe Ver. (GK Statue) - Drakengard 3, by Creation Studio

Another unlicensed statue, this time from the niche Drakengard/Drag-on Dragoon series. I'm a big fan of Yoko Taro's work, and have been waiting desperately for any sort of Drakengard related figures for a while. So when I saw this statue, I knew I had to have her. She also comes with a nude kneeling body, which is pretty neat.

Marin Kitagawa Deluxe Ver. (GK Statue) - My Dress-Up Darling, by Sister Studio

The anime adaptation of My Dress-Up Darling has really taken off, hasn't it? China has taken notice, and there have been countless Garage Kit statues of Marin being released recently, and I've decided to take up the mantle of creating a Marin shrine. And I guess we're starting off with this one! Nothing much to really explain here except it's Marin in her standard seifuku, and also comes with a nude body.

August 2022

Belfast (Iridescent Rosa Ver.) - Azur Lane, by Alter

If you're reading this post, then you probably know about Alter and their excellent Azur Lane figures. Belfast here looks to continue that trend! As a self proclaimed non-mobage enjoyer, I can't comment on the context behind this constume, but I assume it is based on 2021 being the year of the Ox, hence the Chinese dress theme here as well. I'm a sucker for Chinese dresses on figures, so she's getting a good smack from the pre-order stick!

Aizawa Aina - Mataro Original Character, by F.W.A.T

Mataro + Cheerleaders = Pre-order.

Although I will say, her neck positioning does look a little off, I couldn't not pre-order her to display next to Cheer Gal.

Mauve - Yaman** Original Character, by Rocket Boy

I don't think I need to explain this one.

Marinoa Trueless - Tomari Original Character, by Wing

This figure is an original character by Tomari, who would may also know as the character designer for Shishiro Botan. Back to this figure though, I love the diner aesthetic—I mean look at that ハンバーガー!(Hamburger). Also, those rollerblades make her a contender to be displayed next to another figure we shall show later...

Cecile - Elf Village, by Vertex

Wow, another Elf Village elf from Mataro. I swear this figure line absolutely prints money for Vertex, and I'm all for it! They're recent announcements have also had some really interesting designs, like I think one of them was a shortstack elf with boyshorts? Sasuga Japan, sasuga.

Bountiful Year - xin Original Characters, by BINDing

This is xin's first figure, but I guess in this case we should use the plural. There's just so much right in this figure, we should leave discussion of the details in our full review.

White Bunny Onee-san - Icomochi Original Character, by Astrum Design

Another figure from a Chinese manufacturer, this time Astrum Design. This figure is based off an original character by Icomochi, involving an somewhat uncomfortable or perhaps disgruntled bunny girl. Apart from this archetype being chefs kiss, the figure also comes with a wall scroll, which is nice! Pre-ordered.

Fire Keeper Deluxe Ver. (GK Statue) - Dark Soul III, by Creation Studio

I've always maintained the adage, "Souls-borne waifus are the best waifus". I guess with Ranni in Elden Ring that would be Souls-borne-ring? Anyways, this figure caught my eye for a few reasons; mainly the base which can also light up. She also comes with an additional nude body, head without a mask and a carpet base.

September 2022

Cattleya - Houtengeki Original Character, by BINDing

This beeg girl is 1/4 scale and is based on an OC by Houtengeki. Apart from being absurdly thicc, she's also a succubus (noticing a trend?). Because I'm a simple man, these two are enough reasons for me to pre-order.

Yuuki Nanase - Monda Original Character, by Rocket Boy

This figure has three guns and is being manufactured by Rocket Boy. Therefore, I had to pull the trigger on at least one of them and preorder her.

Pine - Bombergirl, by Wing

Another Bombergirl figure, this time Pine. I'm a big fan of LESLyzerosix's sculpting work, and this is no exception. Pine is a bit pricy, but she comes with a lot of additional parts, which sealed the deal for me.

Akari・Clark Shinguji - Oda Non Original Character, by FROG

I've been meaning to get an Oda Non figure in my collection for a while, and decided to preorder Akari, a 1/5 scale by FROG. I was originally on the fence with her, but I saw that they even made a site for her!

Turns out this is going to be a trio. And after my deep regret cancelling Queen Pharnelis, I'm not going to miss out on this one.

Spirit Pledge Tohka Yatogami (Chinese Dress Ver.) - Date A Live, by Apex

Date A Live is known for its waifus, and you know my stance on Chinese dresses. This figure actually comes in a set with Kurumi and Natsumi. The props are also pretty cool, so I've preordered all three; including this Tohka.

Kagetsu Mei DX Ver. - Original Character, by PartyLook

I actually have no idea what the source material for this figure is, but she looks pretty damn good for a 1/4 scale bunny girl. Oh, and she's cast-off to boot, and is significantly cheaper than FREEing/BINDing's offerings. Need I say more?

Mimia - Kakkowarai Mana Original Character

Another BINDing bunny girl! Mimia is based off an illustration by Kakkowarai Mana, and has a strong resemblance to Kizuna A.I. I'm a big fan of the pink accents alongside her sailor fuku outfit, so she's getting preordered.

October 2022

Hirose Yuzuha - YD Original Character, by SkyTube

There's just so much right about this figure—from the whisky bottle to the ribbon covering her nipples. YD's original illustration was pretty good, and I'm sure SkyTube won't fail to carry this over to the final product.

Kainé - NieR: Replicant ver.1.22474487139..., by Coolbear Studios

NieR: Gestalt/Replicant is one of my favourite games, and Kainé is one of my favourite characters. I'd love to wax poetic about Yoko Taro's work with the NieR series, but I will refrain for now. This statue however, looks like one of the best renditions of Kainé I've seen in collectible form, and I really do hope Coolbear Studio pull it off in their final product.

OTs-14 (Dinner Dictator, Heavy Damage Ver) - Girls' Frontline, by FREEing

I debated for a while whether I wanted to pick this one up. The pillar probably adds a significant number to her price, and the strings floating straight off the base do look a bit weird. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful figure—especially with the pose of OTs-14 learning against the pillar, right arm clutching an assault rifle and left her waist. Absolutely stunning contrast, and I'm really excited for this one.

Marin Kitagawa EX Ver. (GK Statue) - My Dress-Up Darling, by Lemon Studio

Yes, another Marin. And before you ask—no, I'm not pre-ordering every Marin, just the ones that look good. And this one looks good, and also comes with a nude body.

Twintail-chan - Ninatta Mappa Original Character, by Rocket Boy

I did mention I pre-ordered another roller-blade figure right? Here she is, Twinchail-chan by Rocket Boy. Apart from the pose and outfit being top tier, take a closer look at her tray—yep, that's a breast pump. She also includes a prop you can attach to display in a cast-off manner, if you so choose.

This has unsurprisingly turned a few people off, but you know, you can just not display her with it right? Pre-ordered with no hesitation.

November 2022

Kotoriasobu Saya - Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission, by native

Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission is a mobage that includes a lot of Live-2D artwork. That's all I know about it. I have a severe lack (none actually) of bondage figures in my collection, and this figure caught my eye. Looking at her expression, is it possible that... she could enjoy being tied up!? I don't know you tell me. Or maybe I'll tell you when she arrives.

Formidable - Azur Lane. by Alter

I'll tell you what, the only damn thing formidable about this figure is it's price! Fine, I'll concede—her maid theme integrated with warship elements are really tasteful, and that chest definitely is too. The hair also looks really good, can't wait for this one to inevitably get delayed.

Nure Megami - Mataro Original Character, by SkyTube

Oh hell yeah. More Mataro and SkyTube!? Let's go. The base is actually pretty cool and helps to sell the "wet" look in the source material—with Mataro's trademark booba and cute expressions. How could I not preorder this?

MDR (Cocktail Observer Ver.) - Girls' Frontline, by Wonderful Works

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a sucker for cocktail dresses—especially when they're shiny. This figure is also quite subtly sexy in that MDR's entire upper back and nape is exposed—which is actually one of the few parts women expose (and is considered attractive by a lot of Japanese men!). The more you know right.

Gotta have her to complete the GFL cocktail dress collection.

AN-94 & AN-12 (Orchestra Concert) - Girls' Frontline, by Hobby Max

Not only are AN-94 & AN-12 dressed formally in these two figures, but they're with a piano and violin. I personally think this is awesome, and their lower price (as Hobby Max is a Chinese manufacturer) definitely helps!

As they are sold separately, I pre-ordered both.

Luna Deluxe Ver.- YD Original Character, by Astrum Design

This. Costume. Design. Is. Dope.

I'm sure you'll agree, the combination of a bunny corset, booba window, bomber jacket, and face mask is uniquely unique! I pre=ordered the deluxe edition, which comes with a wall scroll. I'm pretty sure this is a collection of illustrations too, so here's hopinh Astrum Design completes the rest!

Misono Ringo - Misa Ikezaki Original Character, by BINDing

The best part about BINDing figures is that they're bunny girls are usually very unique compared to their FREEing B-Style counterparts. This is the other Misa Ikezaki figure I mentioned in the beginning of this post, which I decided to pre-order because of said unique design. Unfortunately, her base is just made out of paper, but I probably wouldn't have used a larger one anyway to save space. Love the hair looping around her raised leg too!

December 2022

Graf Zeppelin (Beachside Urd Ver.) - Azur Lane, by Alter

I love how this design depicts Graf as if she's just arrived at the beach and is removing her clothes (so she can maybe go for a swim or sunbake perhaps?). Of course, this is an Alter figure so we know that the quality control will be great. Nothing to see here, just another Azur Lane swimsuit figure that I'd regret not pre-ordering.

Natsumi (China Dress Ver.) - Date A Live, by Apex

The third of the Tohka/Kurumi trio by Apex, depicted in Chinese dress from Date A Live. Kyoot!

Ann Takamaki (GK Statue) - Persona 5, by Green Leaf Studio

Here's a cast-off 1/4 statue of Ann from Persona 5, by Green Leaf Studio. Love the depiction of her laying down on a table here, and she also comes with her mask and whip. This is a pretty neat statue, and Green Leaf Studio's past work has been great, so I have high hopes! Also, that table will be great for shooting other figures as well :)

Marin Kitagawa Advanced Ver. (GK Statue) - My Dress-Up Darling, by ABsinthe Studios

Another Marin statue. This one depicts Marin in her swimsuit, and has a pretty creative base and neon LED. The figure also includes a nude body, head, and simple base which is pretty neat.

Marin Kitagawa Deluxe Ver. (GK Statue) - My Dress-Up Darling, by NT Studio

Huehuehue, another Marin. This one is displayed laying down on a futon, and is 1/4 scale. The deluxe version includes a fully nude body and accompanying sex toy, which is pretty sus, so I probably won't display her with it.

Marin Kitagawa EXS Ver. (GK Statue) - My Dress-Up Darling, by PRPR Studio

Alright, this is getting old. This Marin has a pretty interesting base, and the EXS version comes with a nude body and... a base with sound? Apparently, the base will play sound if you touch it. I won't lie, I'm curious so I sprung the extra for this verison.

YoRHa No.2 Type B Luxury Ver. (GK Statue) - NieR: Automata, by MF Studio

While I have Flare's 2B figure, I always felt that it was lacking in some ways. There have been quite a few GK statues of 2B, even Prime 1's Masterline statue which I unfortunately missed out. So when this one was revealed, I was quite relieved as she looks amazing from the prototype. I can only hope they pull it off in the final product! As the Luxury Ver. of this statue, it also includes an extra standard version with a simple base, which is neat.

Mirror Girl (GK Statue) - Original Character, by Creation Epic Studio

I have no idea what this statue is based on, but the overall set design and concept is brilliant. I feel that its statues like these that reveal the potential of Chinese Statues, which you just don't see in the traditional PVC anime figure collecting world. While a lot of the market are just unlicensed statues, the overall quality does seem to be higher, at the cost of higher fragility and risk of buying a statue with poor quality control. Nevertheless, this one looks great and I'm really excited for her to arrive.

GK Statue - My Neighbour Totoro, by OPM Studio

Clearly, the cat bus and Totoro are the cutest anime grils in this entire post. In all seriousness, I'm a big fan of Studio Ghibli (I've even been to the Museum in Mitaka!), so my first reaction seeing this statue was nothing but pure excitement. It encapsulates the film perfectly, and I can't wait to add this to my collection!

Phew, that was it for 2022. I do have a few more for 2023 though—so lets get them out of the way before we formally close.

February 2023

Murasaki Fumina - Yom Original Character, by native

Another yom-my figure by our friends native, and Yom. This figure actually includes a really funny alternative part that allows you to display her cast-on or cast-off legs in an instagram-style display—truly groundbreaking stuff. I'd show it to you here, but it'll be more fun in the inevitable full review. This accessory was enough to get me to preorder, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

March 2023

Mizuhara Maria - TakayaKi Original Character, by SkyTube

Ah yes, another cheerleader. This one is by TakayKi, who doesn't really have many anime figures of their work so it was nice to see SkyTube pick this one up. I love the inclusion of the duffle bag and the slightly translucent finish to her shirt, it's a nice addition. She'll go well next to the other cheerleaders we have begun to amass.

April 2023

Julia - Uodenim Original Character, by Amakuni

If there's one thing I know about Amakuni, it's that they don't miss. And when they're making a figure based on Uodenim's illustrations, that's a star combo! Julia has a lot of glossy finishes which I love photographing because of how they reflect light, so this was one I had to preorder.

This figure is actually quite expensive, but it includes a number of extra parts so I'm not too upset about it. A safe pre-order!

Taihou (Enraptured Companion) - Azur Lane, by Mimeyoi

After sadly missing out on Duke of York and Prince of Wales due to my lack of knowledge of their work, I knew I wasn't going to make that mistake a third time. Taihou is deliciously thicc in this 1/4 scale of her, and I think that speaks for itself as for why I pre-ordered her.

Honolulu (Lightweight Ver.) - Azur Lane, by Alter

My dumb ass didn't pre order St. Louis, and now I sit here with deep regret. I might be cursed when it comes to Azur Lane figures, who knows. Anyways, not going to miss out on Honolulu, she looks great!

May 2023

Bremerton (Scorching-Hot Training) - Azur Lane, by Mimeyoi

Another pre-order that speaks for itself. The pose, the sculpt, the colours. Mimeyoi are truly on a roll!

June??? 2023

Nia - Xenoblade 2, by Good Smile Company

Nia? Releasing in June 2023? HAHAHA.

We all know this figure isn't coming out on this date. In fact, I reckon Xenoblade 3 will be out before this figure ;)


And thus we reach the end of this pretty stacked blogpost. If you've pre-ordered any of the same figures, or were inspired to pre-order a figure because of this post, I'd love to know! Farewell and see you when I do some actual content ;)

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