Overwatch - D.Va (JK Ver.)

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Overwatch - D.Va (JK Ver.)





Overwatch - D.Va (JK Ver.)

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Time to review our first garage kit statue! But before we do that, have you noticed the changes I've made to the website?

Most notable is the new gallery page, which can be accessed by clicking on the icon next to the menu burger, and a new blog archive page with a CMS filter! It should make finding what you're looking for more easily as I begin to ramp up on the posts.

Anyways, time to kick off with today's review!

Introducing D.Va as a Jōshikousei (High School Girl), by Coolbear Studio. Or should we call her by her real name (Hana Song) since she's clearly not working right now? I'll use both to keep it interesting.

The use of glass eyes for the head sculpt makes the height that you view her quite important.

As a 1/4 scale, Hana stands at around 48cm tall, including the base—so she's pretty big. At first glance, I'm quite impressed with the overall detail in her outfit, and I think Coolbear Studio did a decent job with the pose and sculpt. The way she stands on her right leg, knees almost touching is quite realistic for how someone might balance themselves (I tried it myself to confirm), and the positioning of her arms is very dynamic. The paintwork and texturing also looks marvellous from this distance, but unfortunately has a few QC issues which we'll explore later.

You've also probably noticed a few interesting details on her base—namely a potted plant, cat, and... is that a sign in Japanese!? More on that later, we have a figure to review.

Uncanny Valley?

I think they may have accidentally positioned Hana's pupils a bit too high, so she can look a bit like she's looking up if you're looking at her from certain angles. A bit of shame, but it's not the end of the world.

Her hair is also quite nice in that it is Hana's signature brown, but also has slightly red highlights. Also present is the signature D.Va bunny motif, which is a nice touch.

As for the actual head sculpt itself, I think they did a pretty good job—although I admittedly have little point of reference as this is my first GK statue. The glass eyes, eyebrows, lashes, nose, face-paint and lips all are a definitely a cut above your bog standard anime figures in the detail department. The added depth from using glass doll eyes also means they're able to paint her eyelids and lashes, even going as far as to add a some red eyeshadow. The glossy finish on her lips is also really nice and attention grabbing, everything tied together with her realistically sculpted nose.

Talking about sculpt, it's not really something you mention for faces when reviewing anime figures, since they're generally quite flat. I have to say, I'm actually quite a big fan of how this looks from a detail perspective!

A bit too big if we're being completely honest.

Move downwards to D.Va's chest area, we're greeted with an excellent sweater sculpt and accompanying paint job. The way you can see the individual threads in her sweater alongside the little creases as her breasts jut outwards is truly a sight to behold, and I'm genuinely impressed with how they pulled this off. Other details include the pink bow tie and accompanying bunny motif/D.Va logo. No real criticisms here, I think it looks outstanding.

Of course, Hana also carries a brown leather messenger bag on her right shoulder as a characteristic of a JK. Once again, the texturing on the bag is excellent—although there were unfortunately a few rough areas paint wise. Nevertheless, it is hard to notice these outside of a very close distance so while I won't let it slide, it doesn't ruin the statue. It isn't pictured here, but the zip on the bag is also quite detailed.


Moving down to D.Va's backside, we're greeted by a standard brown skirt and white pantsu. The "texture" is once again very good here, with different coats between her skirt and skin. The compression on my macro lens does make her ass look quite flat here, so let's change the angle a bit:

Much better.

There we go! While this isn't the best ass I've seen, it's a very realistic looking butt sculpt.

Yes, I am aware that Hana Song is not Japanese

Near the back of the base is a sign that says ”Densha-noriba", or "Train Station", and am unsure where the red place is. As for why they decided to use Japanese instead of Hangul here, I have to assume they're pretending Hana is on exchange. We'll roll with it.

As for the actual detail on the sign, it's pretty good. The metallic sheen on the metal fencing and seemingly "worn out" sign is excellent detail.

This flag pole makes the figure taller than 60cm, so I'm not using it.

There's also a flag behind Hana which has some nihongo on it, minus the worn out finish. Once again, the texturing on the bamboo flagpole itself is quite nice and I like how Coolbear spared no expense in making sure that the base was as equally detailed as D.Va herself.


Under the train station sign is a resin cat, which is attached magnetically to base. Why exactly did they add this, I do not know. But as an avid FFXIV fan, I'm never not going to say no to Fat Cats.

The Fatter Cat Mount—yours for the low price of real cash dollars

Reaching the very bottom of the figure, we get a closer look at Hana's knee socks and school shoes. To beat a dead horse, the texturing here is spectacular—the glossy finish on her shoes and threading on her socks providing excellent contrast. We should also mention the asphalt on the ground of her base, and terracotta potted plants in the background. Neat!

Oh, I should also probably mention that this base is HEAVY. I knew that resin weighed more than PVC, but this genuinely surprised me.

No. 76

Before we go further, a neat touch that they added was printing out a portrait of the figure itself, alongside its edition count. I guess I should have mentioned earlier that these Garage Kit statues are made on a limited run—now you know.

They also include a metal dog-tag(?) with her, as is common with most GK statues. Anyways, cast off time!

Welcome to the wild world of Garage Kits!

At an additional cost, the statue also comes with a nude body sculpt. I'm very pleased with how this looks, and can't deny the striking presence this statue has top and bottomless—so let's take a closer look.

No weld to be seen!

Moving more closely, we can see that Coolbear's nude sculpt actually has some very realistically sized and shaped breasts. the paint on the nipples could probably be a bit more pink, but I'm quite happy with how they look as a whole. Unfortunately, there's a bit of chipped paint on her pink bowtie on this sculpt, which is a shame and indicative of poor QC. Yeah, you don't really notice it when unless you look closely—but it still sucks when you're spending this much on a statue.

The garter with a D.Va logo is a nice touch.

Moving downwards, I have to say I'm very impressed with anatomical accuracy Coolbear have achieved here. Rurudo, Tokoyami Towa's mama (the artist behind her design) has commented that one of the sexiest parts of the female body she likes to accentuate in her art is the ribcage, and I have to concur. Going with a more fit look, Hana's ribcage juts out very slightly, and she has a highly pronounced "ab crack" (the line going from between her breasts to her belly button). From there, we also can see D.Va's thin hourglass waist, wide hips with visible pelvic bones, and of course, vagina.

These really help to sell the "realistic" look the garage kit statue is going for, and as I had mentioned previosuly—give a really striking presence at a 1/4 scale.

It's okay.

Turning her around, Hana's butt is proportional with the rest of her sculpt—not too big, but also not pancake flat. There's some slight skindentation from Hana's garter and socks, but its nothing to write home about. Coolbear also neglected to include an asshole as part of this sculpt, which I'm honestly not too bothered with. Still, I can't fault them for remaining consistent—a very big butt would probably look off here considering the rest of her sculpt.

With all that said, I'm still very happy with this statue. Years ago, I played an absurd amount of Overwatch, and D.Va was one of my favourite heroes to play. This statue does an excellent job in maintaining the essence of D.Va's character, and I find some GK statues don't do a great job of doing that. The QC could definitely be better, but the overall package is still very strong in my eyes. The base is very intricate and reaches a level of detail you just don't see in PVC, which is pretty great.

I've pre-ordered another statue of Kainé from the same studio, so I hope they can bring their A game for that one too!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next one!

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